5mm Neoprene Spearfishing Wetsuit WS-200AC-5

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This spearfishing wetsuit is specially designed for underwater hunting, to design the special camouflage we collected thousands of underwater photos. With this wetsuit, you can hide well when you spearfishing underwater in river lake or sea. To keep warm well, the wetsuit is draped and made in made in high strength premium neoprene, so the suit will fit your body perfectly.so it can lock water very well.what' better is the end of legs sleeves and hood are thinner smooth skin neoprene, comfortable and lock water better. The inner of elbows knees and armpits are made of more soft neoprene to make you agiler when you hunting underwater. There is an addition on the chest. The out of elbows and knees are Ottoman fabric, strong and wear-resistant.the inner of elbows and knees are made of more soft neoprene to guarantee your flexibility.

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